Our Services

Our Services

Extra Mile Home improvement is a family owned business that Services 

All of rhode Island and parts of Mass and Connecticut.

Chimney Services

  • Chimney Sweeping : Removal of dangerous creosote, soot and debris buildup inside your chimney. Sweeping the flue will also help us determine how well the structural integrity of the flue lining inside the chimney is. We provide cleanings for, Fireplace, Oil/Gas Flue Pipe, Wood  and Wood Burning Stoves.
  • Inspections : We will determine if your current chimney system meets current State codes and safety standards. We will provide a FREE chimney inspection during a standard chimney Cleaning
  • Chimney Relining : Revitalize a deteriorated terra cotta clay flue or unlined chimney with a stainless steel liner system, that comes with a full lifetime warranty.
  • Damper Replacement or Repair : If your current damper is damaged or not sealing correctly, we can install an energy saving top sealing damper on top of your fireplace flue. These dampers will prevent cold downdrafts, in the colder months, from coming down the flue and prevent your air conditioning from escaping up the flue, in the warmer months, because of the gasket seal on the damper.

Outside the Chimney

  • Crown Repairs : Over time rain, snow and ice can damage chimney crowns. Moisture causes the chimney crown to crack and deteriorate allowing water to penetrate into the inside of the chimney. We can repair and seal your chimney crown with a  Crown Seal. If the damage to the crown is more extensive we may determine that it needs the old crown removed and a new mortar crown rebuilt.
  • Flashing Repairs: A leaky chimney can cause all sorts of problems which require costly repair. ... The flashing is a sheet installed for the purpose of ensuring that the connection between the chimney and roof is watertight. Without maintenance, over the years this layer begins to fade and eventually can cause leaks.
  • Waterproofing : Protect the exterior bricks and mortar of your chimney with Chimney Saver water repellent. Our products carry a 10 year warranty on its application.
  • Chimney Caps : Professional sales and installation of Stainless Steel chimney caps. Many standard sizes are available. Custom Size chimney caps can be special ordered, and typically takes up to 2 business days to be delivered.

More Services

Masonry Work & Repair

Masonry work (including brick, stone and cement) can be adversely affected by direct contact with water, as water can penetrate the surface. Temperature changes can periodically freeze and expand penetrated water, cause stress on the materials, and accelerate deterioration. It is essential to prevent water damage that can cause interior and exterior damage to your home.

We provides the following Masonry Work:

  • Chimney repointing
  • Chimney rebuilds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Brick Steps
  • Brick Sidewalks

Gutter Cleaing

One of the most important steps in keeping a gutter system working properly is regular cleaning. Leaves, twigs and other outdoor debris can easily gather in a gutter channel and clog a downspout preventing water from draining properly.

Thorough hand removal of debris in all gutters and the bagging of all debris. All debris bags are removed from the site upon completion of the gutter cleaning. The disassembly of downspout elbows to ensure there are no hidden clogs in the pipes.A 10-point inspection system beyond cleaning by our expert team that covers: condition of mitres, condition of leader fasteners/screws, condition of joint sealant, gutter pitch, life expectancy of system, scan for holes or damage to system components, drip edge positioning, condition of ground drain caps and the presence of roof debris.

Roof Maintenance

Your roof takes care of you — return the favor with a yearly inspection that'll stop moisture damage and head off expensive repairs. A roofi nspection is one of those preventative maintenance jobs that's easy to overlook, we offer services to maintain your roof with our  Roof Maintenance Package for Roofs Up to 1,800 Sq. Ft

Deal Includes:

  • Nailing down loose Shingles
  • Tarring around Vent Pipes
  • Flashing/Tarring around the Chimney
  • General Roof Inspection